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Followed by the brand’s principles of freedom, femininity and simplicity, we happily introduce you our limited ready-to-wear collection that celebrates summer. Inspired by the 70’s muses, we made timeless feminine cuts and our own unique custom-made daisy print for Camille dress.
While designing our first model - midi dress tied at the waist, in that good 70’s colours such as navy blue, coral and floral patterns,  we had in mind muses such as  Lauren Hutton and Bianca Jagger. Hopefully, with our flattering silhouettes, we’ll bring you back a little of the glamour  in your everyday life.

Every dress is handmade - cut and sewn to order just for you in our studio. 

We used only light and breathable fabrics - cotton and viscose, both environmentally friendly,  to wear them comfortably day and night.

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