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Tulip Tote II Noisette - Vegan Leather

Tulip Tote II, a new version of our classic Tulip model now comes in new shape. Characterized by an elegant curved structure, the model still retains its functionality and wearability, this time with a new, more sophisticated finish.
A spacious and practical everyday bag for almost every ocasion.  

Our collections are 100% handmade by designer herself and made in small quantities, so you never getting something that is mass produced.
Each bag is handmade after your order is placed. 

It takes up to 2 working days to make a bag.
The waiting time depends on the number of orders that arrived earlier, so we appreciate your patience. As we all know, all good things are worth waiting. ;) 

Tulip Tote II Noisette - Vegan Leather

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    Kalla, obrt za modni dizajn
    Vl. Petra Vukelić
    IBAN: HR4723400091160547832
    Privredna banka Zagreb

    BIC (SWIFT code): PBZGHR2X

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